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Mexico Vehicle Insurance

Whether you're going on a day trip to Baja California, soaking up culture in Mazatlan , or sun in Cancun, if you plan to drive in Mexico you'll need to buy additional auto insurance coverage.

Mexican authorities do not recognize American property damage and bodily injury liability coverage's. Most collision and comprehensive coverage's issued by American auto insurance companies are considered invalid as well. Thus, the Mexican government requires Mexican auto insurance for all vehicles driven into Mexico and for all vehicles rented in Mexico.

Many tourists make the mistake of assuming that their U.S. auto, RV, motorcycle or watercraft policy will cover them in Mexico. Without Mexico coverage, your vehicle could be impounded or you could be jailed.

Having partnered with an industry leader, International Insurance Group we have the ability to offer a wide variety of coverage for liability, damage, theft, travel assistance, towing, medical payments and more.

The Deluxe and Platinum Packages offer the most comprehensive tourist auto, RV and motorcycle coverage available in Mexico.

Choose the coverage you need, for as long as you need it:
Daily Policies: For the exact length of your trip
6 or 12 Month Policies: For longer stays or when you are frequently in and out of Mexico at unpredictable intervals

How To Get Started

Do not take any chances or become stuck in line at the border! Obtaining insurance is easy, affordable, and safe. You can complete your application online and have your policy in less than five minutes. Mexico auto insurance coverage another service offered to California residents through SOS. By clicking this button, you will verify that you are a California resident and will be forwarded to the Mexico insurance web site:

SOS Insurance will get you Mexico vehicle insurance right before your road trip across the border. You will have over 30 insurance companies vying for your attention. Needless to say, you can count on our insurance policies to give you the best value.

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