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Here at SOS Insurance, we take the time to understand your insurance needs. We offer quality products from dozens of reputable companies, allowing us the flexibility to design the best product mix for your needs.

The purpose of this brief survey is to see how we are doing. Our Mission Statement objective is to “ mark every interaction we have and every service we provide with an unparalleled signature of quality. ”. We would like to know if we have been meeting all of your needs? Is there anything we can do to service you better?

Rate us on a scale of 1-5 :
1 = unacceptable
2 = mediocre
3 = average
4 = good
5 = excellent
n/a = Not Applicable

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In addition, SOS Insurance is committed to offering unparalleled service. As your risk management partner, we are available to help with all aspects of your insurance needs, promptly and professionally.

Thank you for your support and guidance, and for participating in this process.

Tajalli CO dba SOS insurance services,
Amir F Tajalli
President & CEO