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Garage Liabilty Insurance

Liability coverage protects you against property damage and bodily injury arising out of your dealership operations. Traditionally the coverage is separated into auto and other than auto (premises) coverages.

Garage Liability
Provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage resulting from operations involving the ownership, maintenance or use of a covered automobile/vehicle. This coverage is typically written at limits that meet a state’s financial responsibility law and may be available at limits above those minimums (called excess or umbrella limits ) . This coverage does not cover accidents not involving a covered vehicle that is typically defined as a vehicle held in inventory by the insured dealer. For example, garage liability insurance will not cover at-fault accidents involving a dealer’s personally owned vehicles unless the garage insurance company has agreed by contract to cover such vehicles. The policy has covered auto symbols, the broadest being symbol 1, any auto, or symbol 2, owned vehicles.

* Insurers typically price this coverage based on number of employees and non employee drivers. It is very important that you limit the number of drivers.

Garage Operations
Provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage resulting from garage operations other than the ownership, maintenance or use of a covered vehicle. Such coverage is typically written at limits of $100,000 per occurrence but this may vary considerably from company to company and state to state. Typical claims would be slip and fall on your premises.

Ask for several limits of liability. Typically you will find only a small dollar difference between a $500,000 and a $1,000,000 limit.

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